queueing theory, and comp utational methods

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POS Repair & Maintenance

If your POS hardware is creating issues and is need of a repair, you can contact us immediately. We work with almost all the brands and have a good knowledge of machines from NCR, IBM, EPSON, Panasonic, ELO, HP, and other leading manufacturers. We can diagnose and tell you when your hardware is nearing end-of-life status. We have the skills to prolong its life with hardware upgrades and repairs.

When you want to exchange your end-of-life POS hardware, our team of project managers and POS service technicians help to remove the old systems and install the new hardware. Your equipment is disposed of as per your instructions.


Service Provided

Our technician will clean, test, and organize your equipment,

and prolong its operational efficiency. We are not expensive in our price. Our primary aim is to satisfy the clients with high quality services.

Cost for Related Repairs

Business Computer Maintenance Services

AED 199

  • Desktop computer configurations
  • System patch management
  • Monthly virus and spyware check (software required)
  • 20% discount for on-site and remote support


$ 89.99

  • Hard Drive Installation
  • RAM Installation
  • Prevent and Cleaning from Dust
  • New Computer Setup
  • Software and OS Installation