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Data Recovery

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We recover data from ALL TYPES OF STORAGE MEDIA.

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To perform data recovery from any computing device we retrieve data from its storage medium. A storage medium is any computing hardw are that is used for storing, porting and extracting data files and objects. Storage media are one of the core components of any computing device.

Service Provided

Good news for all Dubai based business and private clients who need to recover data from their hard disks and hard drives. From our experience, we know firsthand the anxiety that goes with the loss of data, especially when such data is valuable and sensitive. We also know that the fallout costs from such loss can be crippling, and that is why we offer our clients a ‘no fix, no fee’ guarantee. We are able and ready to provide a solution for your data loss crisis at a competitive price rather than make you bear an even greater financial burden because of it.

Cost for Related Repairs

Business Computer Maintenance Services

AED 199

  • Desktop computer configurations
  • System patch management
  • Monthly virus and spyware check (software required)
  • 20% discount for on-site and remote support


AED 99

  • Hard Drive Installation
  • RAM Installation
  • Prevent and Cleaning from Dust
  • New Computer Setup
  • Software and OS Installation